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Scottish Fold Cats

Written By macky on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | 6:23 PM

scottish fold cat animal pets kitten

Scottish Fold cat has ears that folded so it looks funny and unique. This cat is the result of mutation, which makes her ears folded forward and down, making it resemble a cat's face like an owl. Typical ear is produced by incomplete dominant gene that affects the cartilage of the ear, causing the ears to fold forward and downward, giving the appearance that such a cap to the head. Scottish Fold cat is probably one of the sweetest because small ears that make them look like kittens their entire life. Rounded head, cheeks, and add whiskers bearing the overall look round. Scottish Fold has a great eye, round, with a sweet facial expression, eye color matches the color of hair. Although the folded ears, do not affect the functioning of the ear itu.Struktur Scottish Fold Cat body, especially the head and face, usually round. Short nose with gentle curves and rounded body with the look-coated cats and middle legs slightly to short. Head of Scottish Fold Cats like dome on top, and the neck is very short. Wide-spaced eyes that make the Scottish Fold cat has a sweet expression. Scottish Fold cat is benign in nature, bonding with his employer, and like to sleep in a supine position. When you sleep on your back, sometimes Scottish Fold cat is purring like a human. Scottish folds are very friendly, love to setiaporang, other cats, and even friendly with the dog. Scottish Fold is a cat who rarely speak out. Communication done and realized denganperbuatan. Just a voice in urgent circumstances.

scottish fold cat animal pets kitten
scottish fold cat animal pets kitten
scottish fold cat animal pets kitten
Scottish fold cats cute picture.
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