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Written By macky on Thursday, July 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Ants have long been kept as pets, with ant farms standing as a popular “entry level” option for future entomologists to take care and maintain.

The Pixar hit A Bug’s Life successfully managed to revive the childhood fascination of keeping ant farms, drawing young and old alike into investing into the highly organized world of ants.
Formally known as Myrmecology – the studying and keeping of ants - maintaining an ant farm is not really all that challenging, offering an in depth look at what life is like for a colony of ants.

Ant Farms – Fascinating Pets to Have

The rewards of having an ant farm is far from that of having a cat or dog, but seeing a colony grow from scratch would be one.

The most challenging aspect in starting up an ant colony would take shape in fining a queen, given that most ant farms (typically those available in mail-orders) don’t come with queens, but with worker ants.

Asking for the aid of pet shop experts would come as great help for firing up an ant colony with the search of a queen, and it is highly advised that future ant farm owners should do so. Once a queen is found and settles in an ant farm enclosure, the relative ease of maintaining an ant farm is what’s up ahead.

The thing with ant farms is that feeding is quite easy. Ants would consume nearly anything, from table scraps to bits and pieces of dog food. Though certain ant species have a thing for particular diets, water and any type of food would do for most ant farms.

The occasional dead insect would even be seen as a treat for most ant colonies.

As feeding is easy for ant farms/colonies, the only thing which keepers should watch out for is ants escaping from enclosures. Other than that, the upkeep of ant farms is very easy, and their growth is rewarding and fun to witness.

Though it’s not really something for everyone, ant farms are quite fun to have, especially for those who appreciate seeing growth and progress happening in its varied and diverse forms.

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