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Written By macky on Friday, July 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Geese are among the most commonly kept types of fowl, often found in farms with free range chickens and turkeys. Belonging to the waterfowl class of fowls, geese are often defined to be smaller than swans but bigger than ducks.

Disney’s 2005 animated feature Chicken Little featured a minor antagonist goose character named Goosey Loosey, characterized as a character who doesn’t really speak or say anything, prone to simply honk or squawk as geese are known to.
Flying Geese
Goosey Loosey, in a sense, characterized the typical nature of the goose, given the waterfowl’s notorious tendency to be incredibly noisy, especially when in taking about a group of geese. In fact, this noisy geese characteristic is one reason why many farmers keep then around, standing up as proxies for guard dogs, who are quick to alert farmers when something is amiss in the farm grounds.

Though established to be mainstay farm animals, a number of geese facts are not as popular or well known, like the fact that they can weigh as much as 25 pounds, max. Given their known maximum weight, a number of studies also reveal that they are voracious eaters, capable of eating up to 5 pounds of grass or weeds per day, producing around 2 pounds of waste on a daily basis too.

Geese are migratory birds, and as such, are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, migrating somewhere between October to March of the next year. During this season, a goose could cover a travel distance of 2 to 3 thousand miles, liable to “pond hop” in eventually arriving at their destinations.

Also, like wolves, geese are known to “mate for life”, meaning that once a goose finds a partner, that would be a male or female goose’s partner through and through, until a mate dies or gets killed.

Typically, the place where they were born is where they head to during migration season.

As migratory waterfowl species, geese are often found flying and silhouetting horizons, and have endeared as iconic birds identifiable upon sight.
Flying Geese

Flying Geese


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