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Munchkin Cat

Written By macky on Saturday, July 9, 2011 | 11:21 AM

munchkin cat breed pets kitten information animal domestic picture
Munchkin Cat
One of the many breed cats are Munchkin cats. The special feature of this type is a short-legged cats. Although it has short legs but no problems or interference with the spine. in 1944, a veterinarian named HE Williams describes four generations of cats with short legs that live wild in Britain. The cats are alive with the sound and move like a weasel. Unfortunately, cats are disappearing during World War II. Around 1953, Max Von Egon Thiel, a German, reported seeing a short-legged cat in Stalingrad. Then for years there was no longer the development of short-legged cats. New in 1983 Munchkin significant development occurred. In 1983, a music teacher from Louisiana named Sandra Hochenedel, found the two cats are trapped under the truck because the dog chased. Both cats are currently in a state of pregnancy / pregnant. A cat is gray while the other is black. Both cats are named Blueberry and Blackberry. Both of these cat-sized feet short, not like a normal cat. Some children also have short legs Blackberry as its parent. One child was sent to a friend named Kay LaFrance sandra. Then the cat named Toulouse. Kay then breed toulouse and produced many short-legged cats.

munchkin cat breed pets kitten information animal domestic picture
  • Appearance
Munchkin cats are made by natural genetic mutations that result is a cat with normal feet shorter. However, Munchkin leg does not seem to bother them running and jumping everywhere. Genes that give Welsh Corgis, Basset Hounds and Dachshunds their short stature, but the Munchkins do not suffer from spinal problems are usually associated with many breeds of dogs 'is physically different from the dogs'. The spine of Munchkin cats can usually be distinguished from other cats. Munchkin cats vary widely, can be long or short haired. When Munchkin sitting the hind legs similar to the position in rabbits.

munchkin cat breed pets kitten information animal domestic picture
Body shape of the munchkin cat

munchkin cat breed pets kitten information animal domestic picture
  • Temperament
Munchkin is very playful and chase toys. One of the things that cause the Munchkin is the preferred way to sit on the back foot with a position much like a rabbit. Like most other cats, Munchkin is also easy to adapt to humans or other animals.

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