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Ferrets as Pets

Written By macky on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 | 9:39 PM

As with all other pets and pet types, there are pros and cons in keeping a Ferret as a pet.

If you’re deep in thought, mulling over getting one, read on! Weigh the pros and cons known about keeping ferrets as pets before going out of your way in getting one.

Pet Ferrets – The Pros and Cons

Known in taxonomy as Mustela putorius furo, ferrets were historically kept as “hunter’s aids”, often trained to seek out rabbits or deal with vermin like rats.

Today, they’re kept as pets, and are often dubbed as the “domesticated version of the European polecat”, in as much as dogs are viewed as domesticated versions of wolves.

Highly intelligent and affectionate, ferrets are great as pets, provided that they are given a lot of attention, and paired with a lot of active human socialization. Kits, or baby ferrets, are great with kids, and extended interaction between ferrets and human owners are known to lead to promising pet-master relationships.

However, certain considerations have to be said about keeping ferrets as pets.

For one, they are known to get into anything and everything, which means that a potential ferret owner must think about securing home items and possessions. Also, though kids are drawn to the natural cuteness of ferrets, getting one for a child isn’t really smart, given the degree of commitment that must come with owning a pet ferret.

Generally, ferrets require more attention compared to cats and/or dogs, given their generally incessant personalities. Though they do tend to create emotional bonds with their primary caretakers, ferrets tend to be fickle to take care of as they grow older.

Their lifespans are also shorter compared to cats and dogs, with most ferrets living up to 5 or 7 years old. Also, they’re considered as illegal pets to keep in certain states (like in Hawaii and in California).

Bottom line, if you’re thinking of getting a ferret because they’re easier to maintain than cats or dogs, reconsider getting one.

If you can totally commit to have a furry incessant pet that gets into everything and requires regular interaction and monitoring, then you’re on a good start towards becoming a pet ferret owner.

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