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Recession affects Pets too

Written By macky on Monday, March 26, 2012 | 11:28 PM

As the globe’s hard economic times have done a number in different economies all over the world, businesses, economies and people aren’t the only ones living with financial woes.

Reports from different shelters and pet sanctuaries based in Britain reveal that a number of households and families have “given up” their pets, with reasons falling under the lines of “we can no longer afford to keep them.”

The figure has risen by almost a third in a year, with many reluctant pet owners giving up their furry friends.

“These animals are not unloved or unwanted, they have just become unaffordable.” shares Many Jones, Head of Rehoming Services, Blue Cross Charity. Blue Cross Charity operates 12 pet sanctuaries, with more than 1000 animals currently under their care, with 1000 more reported to be on “waiting list” for rehoming.

The animal roster under Blue Cross’ care would range from different cats and dogs, and even horses, which, needless to say, are quite costly to maintain as pets.

In 2010, a reported 1,553 strays or abandoned pets were recorded by the animal sanctuary. By 2011, the figure rose to 1, 991.

Cotsworlds, an equine rescue center, has also been active in sheltering horses, with 50 horses under their care. 20 more are on the shelter’s waiting list, waiting for a spot to be taken care of by the shelter.

The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home reports that they’ve received over 600 dogs and 500 cats last January. Last year, the shelter records 1,264 cats and 1,858 dogs given up by owners due to cost and maintenance reasons. In 2010, the shelter records 1,104 cats and 1,601 dogs.

The current global economic trend is distressing, not just for people but also for pets. In these grim economic times, it pays to consider practical options in sustaining the day-to-day costs of living, not just for people, but with pets included in the mix.

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