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Basic Dog Care

Written By macky on Saturday, April 14, 2012 | 4:22 AM

Dogs give us affection and time like no one else. That said, it’s our obligation and duty to provide and take care of these animals with all the love we can give. Since different types of dog breeds have different personalities and needs, dog care may be a bit difficult. When getting a dog, make sure that you already know the basics. This means that you will have to know how to feed, train and bathe your pet dog. Here is some basic dog care that you need to know.

You need to get a dog collar that has your name, telephone number, and address on it. This will make it easier to identify the dog and return it to you if it would ever get lost.


Some places require their dogs to be registered. So check if you need to get a license to own one in your area.

Checkups and vaccines

Regular checkups with the vet should be a main priority. Many illnesses could show up and be treated right away. Some illnesses that are progressing, such as DM in dogs, can be diagnosed in its earlier stages and it helps you get ready for the changes it will cause. Going to the vet also means that you need to get the dog’s vaccine shots to avoid illnesses, especially rabies.


If you want your dog to stay outside of the house, then make sure you provide it with a doghouse. You can also get it a bed for times that it needs to stay inside. Since dogs are clingy and crave companionship, you might as well let them spend a bit more time with you inside.


Make sure the dog gets a good diet with vitamin supplements and dog food appropriate for their breed. Their water bowl needs to have clean water all the time. A good diet keeps them healthy and minimizes illnesses that could be found in their genes, such as DM in dogs.


Dogs need to be given regular baths, once or twice a week will be fine. Their eyes, teeth and ears need to be cleaned. Use special shampoo for their fur.


Obedience is one very important training your dog needs, you have to make sure it understands that you are the master.

Play time

You need to play with them, its good exercise for the dog and bonding time between you two.

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