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Pet Care – Choosing Dog Food

Written By macky on Saturday, April 21, 2012 | 12:50 AM

Picking out the right dog food is one responsibility that many dog owners take for granted. One needs to remember that like humans, different dogs have different diet needs. While some are fine with giving their dogs with table scraps, it’s still best to provide them dog food since it suits them better. Table scraps might also not have enough nutrients and constantly feeding the dog bones might damage their stomach. Below are a few tips to consider when choosing dog food for your four legged friend.

Some dog food brands are a little more expensive than others, but this does not really tell you much about nutrition. It does not mean that the more expensive the dog food is, the better it is for your dogs. There are ways to cut cost when buying dog food. For starters, get dog food in bulks. Many dog food brands offer their products in sacks that can last a pretty long time. You can also check out whole sale stores which usually sells their items for less. Some dog owners would buy meet and cook it till rare and feed these to their dogs. This is relatively cheaper and dogs enjoy this more.

Type of dog

Bigger dogs need dog food that’s more inclined to keeping their muscles and bones strong. There are some brands that offer specific dog food blends for certain dog breeds. Also, keep in mind food that could cause allergies to certain types of dogs. Dogs love to eat meat and it’s a good source of protein. Some dogs might be better off with lamb then beef. Consult your vet about the best type of meat for your dog’s breed.

Dogs that are sick might need a diet change. Illnesses like DM in dogs, arthritis and joint pains might require smaller servings that still contain the proper nutrients. These illnesses, especially DM in dogs, will cause dogs to have trouble standing up and moving around so their weight and diet have to be monitored carefully. You also need to watch the content of the dog food. Some dogs, especially bigger dogs, might need more calcium to keep their bones strong. A good way to boost up vitamins and minerals that you dog needs is to give them food supplements. These can be easily mixed into their food and can be found in most pet supply shops.

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