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Scottish Fold – Cat Breed

Written By macky on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | 2:00 AM

Scottish Fold is a breed of cat easily distinguished by its folded ears. These ears point forward and paired with its characteristically round face gives these cats an owl look that can look mean or intrigue most of the time. This cat breed was first discovered in 1961 and of course it was in Scotland (otherwise it wouldn’t be have “Scottish” on its name right?).

The folded ears on the Scottish Fold are a result of a dominant gene as was observed by the first breeding program for the breed back in 1966.

These cats come in a lot of fur color possibilities with Lilac, solid cream, and solid white among the most desirable.

These cats usually live up to 15 years and are considered medium-sized cats with adults weighing around 4-6 kilos.

Scottish Fold Temperament

Scottish Folds come with a very affectionate behavior towards their humans. Add a whole lot of playfulness, high intelligence and impeccable grooming and you have got yourself the perfect cat for any home regardless if there are other animals on it as they tend to have no problems with co-existing at all. So long as you give Scottish Folds some attention, the food it deserves and leave it to enjoy its slumber, you are in great shape with these cats.

To boot to the uber cuddliness features of Scottish Folds, these cats are known to sleep on their backs as if they have been shot dead with arms and legs spread out! They even love sitting with their legs stretched out while keeping their paws on their bellies as if saying, “I’ve had a great meal”. Lying tummy down with their arms and legs spread out are common as well.

And if you are a fan of Maru, you will notice him pushing his entire body while laying on his back by kicking other things with his hind legs. Now that’s intelligence in a cat at its best! More on Maru below.

Maru – Scottish Fold Youtube Sensation

Maru is probably the most popular Scottish Fold the world has known thanks to Youtube. In fact, Maru’s videos is one of the most popular Youtube videos around with Maru’s channel being the 7th most subscribed channel in Youtube Japan as of December, 2011! Think of all the wacky Japanese prank shows and game shows around just so you’d begin to understand how difficult it is to be on the top 10 of most popular Youtube channels in said country.

Maru’s Youtube videos have already been watched one hundred million (100,000,000) times already with an average video view of a staggering 100,000!

With that, it’s only natural that Maru has mentions from all over the internet and print media including mentions from Entertainment Weekly and the New York Times! Commercials? Naturally, his videos have been featured in advertisements as well.

That said, I’ll leave you in peace to check out these images of Scottish Folds and some of the videos of Maru to enjoy. Don’t you just wish you can give this cat a good squeezy someday?!
 Scottish Fold Pictures
 Scottish Fold image
 Scottish Fold images
 Scottish Fold Picture
 Scottish Fold Picture
 Scottish Fold Picture
 Scottish Fold Kitten Picture
 Scottish Fold Picture
 Scottish Fold Wallpaper
 Scottish Fold Wallpaper
 Scottish Fold Wallpaper
 Scottish Fold Wallpaper
 Scottish Fold Video

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