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Written By macky on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | 1:54 AM

Bees and their link with honey were the essential plot elements of the 2008 animated feature, Bee Movie, the first feature length movie which involved Jerry Seinfeld since the finale of the hit NBC sitcom, Seinfeld.

Telling the story of how a bee managed to sue human beings because of their consumption of honey, Bee Movie had been met with conflicting reviews upon its release, with some critics loathing it as others were just so-so and okay with it.
But critical acclaim and Hollywood box office hit ratings aside, Bee Movie did well in telling the essential roles bees have in the natural balance and ecologic cycle of nature, providing an in depth look at how much impact their making of honey has with the order of things.

Bees kept as “pets”

Many beekeepers don’t really consider bees as “pets”, not in the sense over how one would keep a dog or a cat as a pet.

For one, it is practically impossible to keep one bee as a pet, given that bees are instinctively social insects. This means that if you intend to keep bees, you will have to setup a space where a colony can thrive, with worker bees, a queen bee and everything else a colony requires.

The nice thing about keeping a colony of bees is that you don’t have to “feed” them since they can find and make their own food. In fact, you could even have a share of the honey which bees make, just make sure that you leave enough for the colony to survive.

There’s also the thing about bees and their stings, and it pays to have some working knowledge over the aggression levels of bees, especially when talking about keeping a colony. Keeping bees may appear to be easy, but their upkeep can be challenging, especially when they are kept in urban areas.

All in all, though bees are fascinating creatures to keep as “pets”, they’re not exactly as easy as having a cat or dog around in the house.
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Bee pictures

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