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White Mice

Written By macky on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | 1:20 AM

White mice, in most cases, are the first types of mice which pop up when talking about mice as pets, leaving many to think that they’re the only types of mice worthy of keeping as pets.

The 1999 American animation/live action film Stuart Little, which was loosely based on a book by EB White, reinforced the “white mice pet” concept into the general population’s minds, leaving most thinking that with mice as pets, only white mice can be kept.
White Mice
As it turns out, there are other mice varieties which can be kept as pets, not just white mice. Here’s a quick take touching up on them.

Pet Mice – More than 40 Varieties

Just as with cat and/or dog circles, there are different breeds of mice, and as pets, there are actually “thorough-breeds” and mixed breed pet mice. As pets, these mice are quite popular, and have different attributes and breeding qualities compared to their “home-rodent” cousins.

Generally, “thorough-breeds” are classified as “exhibition quality mice”, typified by solid hued-coats of either pearl or sable, cinnamon or himalayan, silver or blue. In most pet circles, they are pegged as exotic pets, given that they are not commonly encountered types of mice.

When talking about more commonly encountered pet mice options, brown-coated mice are often described as “fancy mice” by most pet owners and pet stores, taking the name after “hobby”, as in “hobby mice” (hobby mice = fancy mice, get it?).

Field mice are typically associated with these mice, and while there are differences between them and Kangaroo Mice, most “fancy mice” are pegged together as one group defined by their brown hued coats.

In terms of temperament and better pet mice options, female mice – regardless of type – are often ascribed as better to have since female mice urine is not as pungent when compared to male mice urine.

Also, female mice are more toned down and calm, and keeping two together isn’t really all that a headache. Keeping two male mice together requires constant regulation from pet owners since male mice are liable to fight with each other regularly.

Do well in remembering that when it comes to pet mice, there are more varieties other than white mice. Smart and quirky, mice pets are quite fun to have, even if most consider them as vermin.

Do you consider them as vermin yourself? I don’t. Well, at least not the ones that live in hiding around my house at least. :)
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White Mice

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White Mice pictures
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White Mice Wallpapers
White Mice Wallpapers
White Mice Wallpapers
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White Mice Wallpapers
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