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Written By macky on Friday, June 15, 2012 | 2:27 AM

Rabbits, particularly the notion of a wererabbit, was the highlight plot element in the 2005 Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit  animated feature, starring the voice talents of Ralph Finnes, Helena Bonham Carter and Peter Sallis.

Though the threat of a wererabbit doesn’t exactly strike as much fear as the threat of a werewolf would, the movie’s parody on the werewolf’s status as a creature shrouded by myths and legends put the habits and traits of rabbits under the spotlight, particularly the long association between rabbits and carrots.
However, as many rabbit pet owners would tell, hay and vegetable varieties are known to be more beneficial as rabbit diet staples, which says a lot about how popular media inaccurately got the whole rabbit-carrot link to be.

If you happen to be thinking about keeping a rabbit and stocking up on carrots as its only feed, here are some other lesser known rabbit facts to help you rethink and reevaluate your plans of keeping a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbits live long – as pets, rabbits are known to live long lives, which means that if you’re planning on keeping one as a pet, you’d have to be prepared to take good care of a rabbit for a long time.

A number of animal shelters in the US have taken in “abandoned” pet rabbits, which were given up by owners because they couldn’t afford to have them anymore. Before you go out of your way into getting a pet rabbit, consider its long lifespan first, and see if you’re in the right position to have one.

Rabbits can be trained, but not as easily as dogs – you can train a rabbit to use the litterbox, but understand that though rabbits are trainable, they are not trainable as dogs are.

Though there are expert trainers who have trained rabbits to do tricks based on commands, not everyone is capable of training rabbits to such extensive degrees. In fact, a number of frustrated pet rabbit owners confess that they don’t even get to properly interact with their pet rabbits, let alone train them to do anything.

Rabbits don’t have health problems because they eat greens a lot – though hay and mixed vegetables are a pet rabbit’s ideal dietary staples, the consumption of greens doesn’t mean that rabbits don’t get health problems.

In fact, a number of rabbit pet owners have encountered huge problems with their pet rabbits in this regard, given that not all vets are experts in the care of rabbit-specific health conditions.

So if you’re still mulling about getting a pet rabbit, consider the rabbit facts mentioned about.

If they’re something you’re willing to deal with in keeping a rabbit as a pet, then you’re in for some great times in the company of a rabbit in your life.
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