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Care for Dogs during summer

Written By macky on Sunday, June 17, 2012 | 8:21 AM

When the warmer seasons start rolling in, expect a lot of people going out and enjoying the sun. Many of these people would bring their dogs out to enjoy themselves and also have a good time. However, too much heat might cause the dog to get sick. Below are a few tips that can help your keep your beloved pet dog safe during summer.
Care for Dogs during summer
No parking

You should never, in under any circumstance, leave your dog inside the car. It does not matter if you parked in the shade or in a covered car park. The interior of your car will heat up and it’s very dangerous for dogs to stay in very hot places. If you are off running errands, leave your dog or bring a leash so you can take it around with you. When taking your pet out, also make sure that its leash is securely on it so that it will not run off or get lost.

Give it a lot of water

Make sure your dog is well hydrated. Give it a good amount of water and make sure their water bowl is full with clean water all the time. Dogs that are paralyzes, such as the ones suffering from dm in dogs, will need assistance in keeping them hydrated. You can use a feeding tube and squirt water into their mouth so it goes into their system. If you are planning to go out with your pet dog, bring a small container of water along with you.

Cut their hair

Grooming your pet will not only make it look good, it will also help them keep cool. Dogs that have long and shaggy hair commonly suffer from heat strokes. Keeping their fur well kept, clean and trimmed will be a big help. Bigger dogs are more prone to heat strokes during summer. Other illnesses that dogs also be prone due to the heat are DM in dogs, arthritis, and bone and muscle problems. A dog who is suffering from a heat stroke are constantly panting, staring at blank spaces, refuse to obey any commands, has dry skin, being tired all the time, and vomiting.

Crank up the cooling system

Dogs who are more use in living in colder areas will love you for it. Boost the temperature of your cooling system to a relaxing and comfortable temperature. Another way to keep them cool is to give them a bath. Once or twice a week should cover it.
Care for Dogs during summer

Care for Dogs during summer

Care for Dogs during summer

Care for Dogs during summer
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