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Big Fish

Written By macky on Friday, June 1, 2012 | 10:00 PM

Big fish are quite big hits, not just when talking about them in fishing circles or when talking about the movie, but also when referring to them as prized pets, often kept for their unique and impressive sizes and bulks.

The 2003 film bearing the Big Fish title was not exactly about a big fish, but rather takes its title from an age-long pun or adage (however you call it) where fishers of the old days would tell tales of them catching the biggest fish ever to be.
Big Fish
With the tall-tales and stories from the movie’s main character, the film managed to capture audiences into wondering once more, to see and believe in the power of big fish tales.

However, when talking about real big fish, pet owners with real big fishes don’t really have a difficult time in believing in a big fish’s actual existence.

The alligator gar would be one popular big fish pet, often prized because of their massive size and their generally “tough as nails” features.

A member of the gar species of fishes, alligator gars are often found in the freshwaters of North America, capable of growing up to 10 feet in length. They are different from other gars in the sense that their upper jaws come with rows of teeth, which had earned them the name “alligator gar” since their physical form bears some distinct alligator likeness.

Most alligator gars caught as trophies sport a silver-grey toned hue, but different colors and varieties are known to exist, some with orange-toned scales or with dark-deep-blue hue undertones.  These are the varieties which are often found kept as exotic big fish pets.

Alligator gars are carnivorous, so for pet fish aficionados who aren’t keen on feeding live prey to pets, keeping an alligator gar may not be such a great idea. Also, given that alligator gars tend to grow into big sizes, their upkeep goes beyond feeding concerns, requiring occasional alterations with their enclosures.

But as big fish pets, they are big, and not only that, they’re quite mean lookers, an added plus for those on the lookout for exotic big fish pets.

Think the alligator gars’ the right big fish for you?
Big Fish

Big Fish

Big Fish

Big Fish

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